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What You need to know about Peter Kuske

Peter Kuske has Been in self employed business since aged 17, experienced in many manufacturing industries including Tyre Manufacturing, along with Tyre distribution in the UK. Late 2010 saw Pete Kuske, move into web design, while going into semi early retirement. During this time a youtube account was established and website dedicated to UFO and other space and earth issues.
During the period of 2013 - 2014 he unluckily came across what can only described as a Sick Gang on youtube, who´s only goal is to harass and bully other channels, from what appears just for kicks. Peter Kuske Never bothered to much until one day out the blue, he came across a user who was considered to be the big mouth of the bully team. This user had a little touch of ruffled feathers when his lies were exposed and this is then when together with his little team of behind the scenes, little dirty ferret rats. THEY orchestrated a planned "Blackmail" and chance to blackmail Peter Kuske OFF youtube, How did they go about this? The Rats had been spending days online rifling through private pictures and videos looking for kids pictures, and anything with which they could use, What they found and used was what shows the level of depths these Group of sick individuals use, and indeed even got seemingly excited by, looking at the kids and families.

Pete Kuske attacker Lippincott Texas

Peter Kuske boating

Little kids (toddlers ages 5  & 3 ) playing in the private swimming pool and on the beach, and on videos on the speedboat over in Mallorca Spain, during there holiday. armed with these and finding business names and addresses. They launched there attack.
Front house made many videos night after night, in what was so sick, it made the Mother "ILL" for 2 weeks. The demands were so sick including even commenting just how cute the little blonde boy is! This was followed with the demand. "GET OFF THEIR YOUTUBE" or they will pass and share these all around to all there like minded sick friends. He confirmed the identity with the blonde hair and knowing full name etc. so was genuine.

During this time NOT 1 of these scum, did nothing but get wet with excitement and encourage the Logan Lippincott excitement and lead, to show more and specially the little kids, They then was stopped only by getting in touch with the Police and the lead Logan sickos Partner-Boss, who was advised in Simple terms that this is and will NOT be tolerated. At this stage he had only shown on videos, businesses and Peter Kuske face and full name..
Worries on this were the initial blackmail was to shut down the youtube accounts. BUT? where would this go, knowing Peter Kuske has money. Would the next step be ask for Money? If the channel had of shut and he went away, what would be next MONEY? or what?

The decision was that this is NOT a position anyone else should be in, Police in Haltom City Texas USA were advised of this, but seemed to shrug it off as a nothing, they did say they wanted the individual but seems to have several identities and thanked for the updates, but no prosecutions would be made for the blackmail as in there state its not illegal, and prefer to go with more important issues they had with this Logan Lippincott Lowlife.

Cyber Bully Chris Lippincott TXThe Problem was left and no more blackmails followed. However they was watched closely, was this just a one off? we had heard of other channels this same gang had indeed been snooping behind them, a BP earthwatch a big youtube user, had his wife and family facebook rifled and these were shown and links to his personal page given out. This user had close his facebooks, and his wife also had to wonder just what stuff the sicko gang had still grabbed.

This gave a big alarm call !! WHY is youtube doing nothing? This is sick beyond belief, this on us was NO one off thing, these are sick individuals. This was 2014..

Things went calm as after our exposing and standing up to these, and showing what they did the gang dispersed. 2015 arrived.

History of Peter Kuske super hero

2015 something of great concern came to light. a youtube user "sangstar" was shouting he found a pedophile connection on a facebook club group and the user David Greg-Greig in New Zealand but was silenced from speaking as a restraning order "GAG" order, was placed on him, by Police on behalf of David Greig. So That Story kind of stopped.  But it got to connecting the dots and warning signs appeared, this was a recurring theme, kids,private info, lies and slander and shouting on videos to get there chosen victim to close and shut down there youtube channel. or else again.

The Pace took a upturn in 2016 with a user darkskywatcher74, a family man. with a large youtube channel, this user upset them as he would NOT shut down his channel, and stood firm.
The gang located his ex wife, and over a long period with live chats and videos ruined his reputation and caused his kids to be removed from the home, due to false allegations of drugs in the house and ongoing slander. Peter Kuske stood up then "SOMEBODY" had to !!  This was getting sick and NOBODY else was doing anything.

UpDate Now in 2018, The Gang has stepped up a gear, finding Nothing on Peter Kuske and his standing firm against these shits of the World, they fabricate bullshit stories and placed Peter Kuske named websites online, in a feeble attempt to somehow finally stop him from spreading the Truth of these sick people, what they do and have done, and just how drugged and mental they are. The Stories read like a Horror spoof and shows how wild and desperate the Sick Druggy imagination and desperation has set in.

Above all One thing which is evident!!  IF Peter Kuske backs down then THE EVIL RAT SHITS crimes and Real Truth will NOT Be known. and NEXT Time their Target could be someone who either, pays them money or worse Runs away and maybe even commit suicide..

So Peter Kuske is saying to all, You have all the information available on website, DO THE RIGHT THING and stand against these Scumbags of life. Hiding against Blackmailing Sick Gangs of nobody nothings in life, and turning the other way, is only for cowards and that is what this Bunch of thugs want..  So .. STAND TALL and join the fight..

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What You need to know about Peter Kuske